People in CCSW chat always give people nicknames whenever they come on chat.


This is Hirrii


  • Timmy fenton: Tim
  • Emmaelise401: Emma
  • V: V-Baby or W
  • Olaf-Tiffi-Odus2711: O-Laugh or Mr. Tupo
  • Flockky: Flawkee
  • LucasH181: Loocas or Bubblegum Troll II
  • Roseturnip: Rose
  • Solstice2000: Sols
  • Cheekian: Cheek
  • CandyCrusher4569: CandyCrusher
  • EeveeLover1988: Eevee, Margaret, Maggie or EeveeLover2005
  • 3litecandycrusher: Kristoff, Donut Man, or Three Light
  • Blackbird625: Hans or Merpbird
  • Supermario3459: Mario
  • Lefty7788 - Righty, Lefters
  • 3primetime3 - Timeprime or Prunetune
  • Asew54321 - Dino or Asew
  • ChaneyTheSamurott - Chaney, Samu or Samurott
  • Courtemanhe437 - Courte or Leo 
  • CC-8589934592 - CC, Elsa, Snow Queen
  • Wildoneshelper - Wildones
  • SpinachMonkey - Spinach or Spinach King Kong
  • EndermanR169 - Enderman
  • Spongebob194 - Spongebob or Sponge

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