Read these rules before editing as they apply everywhere in this wiki including: templates,sandboxes,editing pages,moving pages,chat and other editable space.

1. No Swearing

  • No swearing,this includes using C-Bomb, F-Bomb or S-Bomb.
  • If possible no words like "worse" "crap" or "hell" .
  • C-Word, F-Word and S-Word not allowed.
  • Even censored profanity is not allowed.

2. No Vandalism

  • Do not vandalize pages or completely blank them out.
  • Do not move pages to gibberish names.
  • Do not misuse the edit summary box.
  • Do not create a page which insults another user.

3. No Spamming

  • No creating spam pages or pages which have nothing to do with Emilys Roleplay.
  • Do not insert false information.
  • Do not insert gibberish or nonsense into pages.

4. No Harassing Others

  • No personal threats
  • No personal attacking others
  • Asking or giving out personal information is prohibited

5. Personal Information

  • Be careful when telling others your personal information such as your wiki account password, email address, real name or pictures of yourself or of your family.
  • Do not collect or store personal information about other users.

6. No Rank Abuse

  • No kicking/banning/blocking a user for no reason. This includes for fun.
  • Do not abuse admin or rollback rights.
  • Do not abuse ranks.
  • To admins: Do not abuse admin power, this is serious and if Wikia finds out it can result horrible.

7. No sockpuppet accounts or unacceptable usernames

  • No abusing multiple accounts to get around a block, ban or any other punishment, this includes using IP address.
  • No unacceptable usernames.
  • This rule applies on chat aswell.
  • No creating a username which intends to insult another user. (Example: User:Roseturnip block indefinite
  • Breaking these rules will result a permanent block without any warnings

8. No Hacking!

  • Do not hack for badges
  • Do not hack to get admin
  • Do not hack for ranks
  • Do not hack the main page or any other wikia
  • Do not hack anything that is hackable